Premade Cable

Premade Cable Premade

Quick Cable is your source for premade battery cables for almost every application you can think of, automotive, light trucks, RV's, golf carts, industrial equipment--you name it. Premade cables are the fast and easy answer to getting equipment back in service quickly.

premade cable automotive Automotive
Battery cables in both side terminal and top terminal configurations with 3/8" lug connectors feature die cast lead connectors. Available in black and red and with lead wire attached. Switch to starter cables have 3/8" lugs on both ends. More >>
Cables with Lead Wires Cables with Lead Wires
Cables with lead wires have 12 gauge auxiliary lead with butt connectors. The cables come 4 gauge in black, for top post connection. Lengths range from 24" to 72". More >>
Top Post-to-Side Terminal Cables Top Post-to-Side Terminal Cables
Get some added reach with adapter cables. Convert top post batteries to side terminal connectors. More >>
Premade Tie Bolt Replacement Ends
Replacement ends make it easy for field service vehicles to repair cables on the spot. A variety of cables in top post, side terminal, stud connection and even OEM terminal design are available in various gauge sizes. More >>
Premade Cables/Jumpers Cables/Jumpers
QuickLink cables and jumpers are used on truck, farm and construction equipment to connect multiple batteries in series or parallel. For stud or post battery connections in a variety of lengths. More >>
Premade golf cart cable Golf Cart
Quick Cable long drive golf cart cables are the ideal replacement cables for golf carts with heavy use and recharge cycles. Our cables are UL and CUL listed in all popular lengths and configurations. More >>
Premade commercial industrial cable Commercial/Industrial
We engineered these cables for commercial and industrial equipment to connect multiple batteries in parallel or series. UL flex cable, thick copper lugs and color coded heat shrink. More >>
premade braided ground strap Braided Ground Strap
Premade braided ground strap is 100% copper plated with tin for corrosion resistance. Configured for lugs and clamps in a variety of lengths and gauges. More >>
quickharness premade cable QuickHarnesses
QuickHarnesses are the best way to connect multiple group 27, 31, and similar batteries in parallel. Premium quality synthetic rubber insulated copper welding cable and a variety of connectors and lengths, color coded for polarity. More >>

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