QuickCable is a specialty manufacturer and battery accessory distributor that offers  thousands of products; the broadest and most comprehensive in the industry.


We offer engineering, technical support, and custom assembly services. These high value services make QuickCable a preferred option for a wide range of customers, including OEMs, cable and wire harness assemblers, distributors, dealers, and retailers.


Increase our customer's success through our leadership & innovation in the energy storage industry.

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QuickCable is a speciality manufacturer with in-house capabilities that include die-casting, stamping, machining, cable assembly, plastic molding, and printing.

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Custom Design

QuickCable is a manufacturer that specializes in connectors, cable assemblies, and tools serving the DC Electrical Market.

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Light Cable Assembly

QuickCable delivers custom-engineered connectors and battery cable assemblies to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements.

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Value Added Distribution

We offer services to help make your job easier & tailored to your specific needs.

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We are Direct Current Specialists

Our core processes include non-ferrous metal casting, stamping & machining, plastic molding, and wire & cable fabrication.

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