• QuickCable was founded in 1946 by Jack Shannon and has grown from a specialty battery maker to a highly-regarded critical component manufacturer and battery accessory distributor serving a growing cross-section of industries and markets.
  • The company was originally named Great Lakes Battery Manufacturing, but in 1969 Jack Shannon changed the name to QuickCable and began manufacturing battery accessories.
  • In 1969, the Mississauga location was opened and we began manufacturing and distribution in Canada.
  • In 2000, the QuickCable headquarters and manufacturing operations was moved from its original location in Racine, WI to its current location in Franksville, WI.
  • QuickCable continues to grow and adapt to evolving customer needs and provide superior products and services.




Our valued workforce is committed to our customers' success through innovative products, custom solutions and superior service. We strive to be the most trusted partner of choice for our customers and to create significant long-term improvements in our industry.

Our Customers
We will provide products and services that give our customers the best value in the marketplace. We will be a single source for our product category. We will provide a business system where our customers can easily and quickly order, distribute and use our products.

Our People
We cultivate an environment of training, recognition and advancement for outstanding, dedicated individuals who share our mission and work together as a team. We value job security and workplace safety.

Our Relationships
We value our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, vendors and communities in which we operate. These relationships are based on integrity and trust. Our commitment to the environment will be reflected in our procedures and products.

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We are Direct Current Specialists

Our core processes include non-ferrous metal casting, stamping & machining, plastic molding, and wire & cable fabrication.

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