QUICKCABLE is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a leading domestic manufacturer of terminal connectors, cable assemblies, and tools.


Our components, cable assemblies, and accessories are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical.


You will find our products in Commercial Vehicles, Construction, Agricultural, Material Handling, and various other commercial and industrial applications.

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Drive our customers' success through our leadership and innovation in the energy storage industry.

We have been in business for over 75 years with locations in Franksville, Wisconsin and Mississauga, Ontario.

We currently have a team of 150 employees with new positions being created regularly.

We are and will remain a market leader in North America, providing the best value and service available.

We strive to be the most trusted and respected company in our industry.


Be the most trusted partner of choice for our customers. Create signifcant long-term improvements in our industry.

About QuickCable

QuickCable develops, manufactures and sells battery and electrical connectors, cable, tools and related products for commercial and industrial equipment that are battery started, battery-powered or uses batteries to condition or store electric power. QuickCable is the market leader in North America, providing the best value and service, in the industry.



We are a global distributor and specialty manufacturer with locations in Wisconsin and Canada. Find us on the map by visiting our locations page.

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Company History

QuickCable was founded in 1946 by Jack Shannon and has grown from a specialty battery maker to a highly-regarded critical component manufacturer and battery accessory distributor serving a growing cross-section of industries and markets.

Quick Cable History

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We Specialize in Custom Solutions

QuickCable’s experienced engineering staff can design custom products & battery accessories that will perform to the exact standards and specifications required.

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