Trailer CableTrailer Cable

  • For truck, bus, farm construction, and commercial applications
  • For use at 60 volts or less
  • Fine stranded copper conductor for maximum conductivity and flexibility
  • Heavy duty PVC outer jacket protects against abrasion and resists moisture, oil, and salt damage
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1128 & ATA specifications
  • Flexible for easy routing; cold weather rated -67°F to 176°F (-55°C to 80°C)
  • Color coded conductors for easy circuit identification
  • Junction block available


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4 Conductor
GaugePart No.Jacket Color
16/4 234101 Black White
14/4 234102 BrownRed
6 Conductor
GaugePart No.Jacket Color
16/6 234201 Green Black White
14/6 234202 Red Yellow Brown
7 Conductor
GaugePart No.Jacket Color
14/7 234301 Black Blue
14/6, 12/1 (White) 234302 Brown Green
14/4, 12/1 (Blue) 10/2 (White) 234303 Red White
12/6, 10/1 White 234304 Black Blue
A.T.A. Recommended Circuit Color Coding
White Ground return towing vehicle
Black ICC Required marker and clearance lamps
Yellow Left-hand directional signal and hazard lamp
Red Stop lamp and anti-wheel lock device
Green Right-hand directional signal and hazard lamp
Brown Tail lamp, three-bar marker lamps and clearance or marker lamps other than ICC required license lamps
Blue Auxiliary Circuits
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