Bulk Cable

Bulk Cable Bulk Cable and Wire

Quick Cable is your best source for a wide variety of bulk cable to connect batteries and battery-driven accessories. From basic battery cable to more flexible and easy-to-use welding cable, to cable designed for corrosive marine environments and other special applications, Quick Cable knows cable. We also stock and ship a variety of wire products including primary wire in all popular gauges and colors, control cable, trailer wiring, and marine wire.

Battery Cable Battery Cable
Battery Cable is the most widely-used cable in industrial, commercial, automotive, truck, and related applications. Available in gauges from 8 to 4/0, it resists abrasion, fuel, oil, acid, and salt. Quick Cable battery cable is 100% copper for max performance, not coated aluminum. More >>
Fine Stranded Battery Cable Fine Stranded Battery Cable
Quick Cable fine stranded battery cable is made of fine stranded, annealed bare copper wire, with an oil, water, and acid resistant thermoplastic rubber compound. Fine stranded cable is more flexible than standard battery cable. More >>
SGX Battery Cable SGX Battery Cable
SGX  battery cable is a soft annealed bare copper conductor, with chemically cross-linked polyolefin insulation. Good for high temperature insulations. More >>
Welding Cable Welding Cable
Welding Cable is made with fine stranded 100% copper wire and insulated with synthetic rubber. The result is cable that flexes easily, especially in the cold, and is easier to route in tight places. Available in gauges from 6 to 250MCM. Also available tinned for corrosive environments. More >>
Marine Wire and Cable Marine Wire and Cable
Marine Wire and Cable starts with the same 100% copper wire but is also tin plated to resist corrosion. Available from 6 to 4/0 gauge. More >>
Machine Tool Wire Cable (MTW) Machine Tool Wire Cable (MTW)
Recommended for wiring in uninterruptable power supplies, machine tools, appliances, transformers, switchboard panels, controls, electronic circuits, and meters. Can be used as battery cable, motor lead, and power hook-up cable.  More >>
DLO RHH/RHW Cable is used for telecom power supply systems, mining, industrial and earth moving equipment, motor leads, diesel electric locomotive, and where flexible power leads must be installed in conduit or raceways. More >>
Booster Cable Booster Cable
Booster Cable comes premade as twin conductor wire and is perfect for shops who build custom booster cables. It's also used on industrial equipment and similar applications. Choose orange, yellow, red or gray positive color; from 6 to 1 gauge. More >>
Primary Wire Primary Wire
Primary Wire comes in 8 standard and additional custom colors from 22 to 8 gauge. Available as general purpose, SXL cross linked, TEW wire, and in multi-conductor flat jacketed and parallel bonded configurations. More >>
Control Cable Control Cable
With a line of products including multi-conductor flat jacketed, parallel bonded, TC, SEOW, and portable cord, our control cables are perfect for just about anything you need. More >>
Trailer Cable Trailer Cable
Trailer Cable comes configured for a variety of applications from basic 4 conductor to 7 conductor heavy duty styles. Meets or exceeds SAE and ATA specifications. More >>
Braided Ground Strap Braided Ground Strap
Braided Ground Strap is made from fine stranded copper wire, braided and tin plated for long life. We'll build it to your specifications or provide it in bulk. More >>



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