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Pallet Strapping KitPallet Strapping Kit

  • Corded polyester strap is stronger and lighter than steel
  • Strap is acid resistant, non-conductive, noncorrosive, and weatherproof
  • Safer than steel, no snap back, no sharp edges, and easier to dispose of
  • Fast and simple – one tool tensions and cuts
  • Two strapping kits, both include strapping, steel buckles, dispenser, and strap tensioning tool
  • Cost effective, re-order strap, and buckles as you need them
  • Printed strap serves as a security tape and cannot be cut and repackaged by a transport company

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Part No. Component Description 420590 Dispenser Box Kit 420580 Dispenser Box Kit
420581 Strap Tensioner & Cutting Tool 1 Each 1 Each
420582 Strap Buckles 2000 lbs. Capacity 200 Each 200 Each
420583 Strap Poly 700' 2000'
420591 Portable Dispenser Toolbox 1 Each -
420584 Pallet Reach Under Needle - 1 Each
420585 Rolling Strap Dispenser and Tray - 1 Each
Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Click to enlarge.

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