Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink Heat-Shrink Tube

Heat shrink tube is important for many reasons. It protects connections from corrosion. Color coded shrink tube can help identify polarity. It acts as strain relief on connections helping them last longer over time. It can even be imprinted with custom information for your branding or informational purposes.

magnatube heatshrink MagnaTube

3:1 ratio, heavy duty, adhesive sealant final wall thickness 1/8"

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splicetube heatshrink SpliceTube

4:1 ratio, adhesive sealant final wall thickness 1/8"

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flextube heatshrink FlexTube

3:1 Ratio, adhesive sealant, final wall thickness 1/16"

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heatshrink PrimaryTube
2:1 ratio, final wall thickness 1/32" More >>
Heat Shrink Kits Heat Shrink Kits
Heat-Shrink kits for primary wiring include heat-shrink tubing. More >>

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