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Customer Service
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Cable Managements

Cable Management Cable Management

It's not just a matter of looking pretty. Keeping wire and cable runs neat, contained, and secure also means there's less opportunity for entanglement in moving parts, easier identification for service work, and protection from environmental hazards.

Terminal Protectors Terminal Protectors
Bad things can happen by accident with exposed battery terminals. Dropped tools and parts can cause shorts that can damage electrical systems and even cause battery explosions. The easy way to add a measure of safety is to use terminal protectors, and Quick Cable has an extensive selection to help you get the type and style you need. Don't take unnecessary risk--use terminal protectors. More >>
cable management cable ties Cable Ties
Who knew there could be so many cable tie choices? Miniature, standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, fluorescent, push-mount, metal tab, releasable, acid resistant, low profile--we have them all in popular lengths for your applications. And we have the tools to go with them. More >>
clamps and grommets Clamps/Grommets
Cable clamps provide secure installation for cables and wire bundles and come in various diameters for all sorts of applications. We have nylon, EPDM (flexible cushion) coated steel, EPDM coated stainless steel clamps, and rubber grommets to secure your cables. More >>
loom wrap Loom/Wrap
Split loom and spiral wrap helps protect wire bundles and cables from heat, dirt, and corrosion. Both are easy to install, even with wires in place. Mesh wire wrap is cut to length and wires are inserted before final installation. More >>
heat shrink Heat-Shrink
Every quality wire and cable connections deserve heat-shrink protection. Basic heat-shrink helps keep out contamination and provides strain relief to the joint. We offer high performance heat-shrink that incorporates meltable sealant for maximum protection and strength. More >>
  electrical tape silicone tape Tape
 Quick cable offers PVC electrical tape and self-bonding silicone tape to fit almost all applications in the field. More >>



Wire Mesh Loom

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