Terminal Protectors

Terminal Protectors Terminal Protectors

Bad things can happen by accident with exposed battery terminals. Dropped tools and parts can cause shorts that can damage electrical systems and even cause battery explosions. The easy way to add a measure of safety is to use terminal protectors, and Quick Cable has an extensive selection to help you get the type and style you need. Don't take unnecessary risk--use terminal protectors.

90° Terminal Protectors 90° Terminal Protectors
Straight Clamp Terminal Protector Straight Clamps
straight snap terminal protector Straight Clamps - Snap Fit
straight lug terminal protector Automotive Lug
Terminal Protector Medium Starter Medium Duty Starter
Terminal Protector Heavy Duty Starter Heavy Duty Starter
Straight Lug Terminal Protector Straight or Angle Lug
Dual Post Insulator Dual Post Insulator
Military Style Military Style
Tab Terminal Protector Tab Insulator
Tab Terminal Protector Blue Tab Insulator
snap on insulator Snap on Insulator
Elbow Terminal Protector Elbow Terminal
Flag Terminal Protector Flag Clamp
Marine Fixed Terminal Protector Marine Terminal - Fixed
marine swivel terminal protector Marine Terminal - Swivel
Side Terminal Protector Side Terminal Cover
Garden Terminal Protector Garden Tractor & L Terminal
OEM Style Caps OEM Style Caps
Protective Caps Terminal Protector Protective Caps
SB<span class='sup'>®</span> boots terminal protector Quick SB/Safety Boots
Sb Protective Boot Kit Quick SB/Protective Kit
SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Boots Quick SBX® Safety Boots

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