Jump Packs and Booster Cables Booster Clamps and Clips

Starting with the essential alligator, Quick Cable’s booster clamp line includes mechanic's style clamps, both coated and uncoated parrot clamps, and 900 amp solid copper parrot clamps.
Quick Cable offers a line of both alligator and charging clips. Our clips allow you to fabricate temporary connections for testing components or to replace connectors on meters, testers, battery chargers, and similar equipment. 

booster clamps Booster Clamps
Rescue booster clamps come in popular choices for your applications.  Standard alligator, mechanic style, coated parrot, parrot and 900 amp solid copper clamps allow you to choose the booster cable you prefer and add the clamp style you like best. More >>
  Alligator Clips
Our alligator clips come non-insulated, with banana plugs, or with vinyl boots to suit your needs. More >>
  Charging Clips
Our line of charging clips offers both jaw type (with or without vinyl boots) and heavy duty options. More >>

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