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Customer Service
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Booster Cables

Booster Cables Booster Cables

No matter what products you are looking for, Quick Cable stands for quality. Our three major lines of booster cables are no exception: all are 100% fine stranded copper wire for maximum conductivity and flexibility. They're designed to stay flexible, even in subzero temperatures. Cables over 25' long are packed in a plastic pail to keep them from tangling and make them easy to carry. For mobile operations, we offer cables with SB® connectors and lugs for installation and use on tow trucks. Rescue brand booster cables are the choice of knowledgeable pros.
Plug-in booster cables are designed for service vehicles and fleets. Plug-to-lug cables allow you to connect directly to the service vehicle electrical system and then plug in booster cables (or plug-to-plug extensions) as needed--keeping them secure when not in use. Some fleets install plug-to-lug cables on all vehicles so service is easy by connecting a plug-to-plug cable between the service vehicle and the fleet vehicle. Quick Cable plug-in cables are 100% copper, remain flexible in cold weather, and are available in a variety of lengths.

Automotive light duty cables Automotive
Our automotive (light duty) cables are packaged for retail display and are up to 16' long. More >>
Medium duty cables Medium Duty
Our medium duty cables come in 4 and 2 gauge wire up to 20' long and in mechanic and parrot clamp styles. More >>
Heavy duty cables Heavy Duty
Our heavy duty cables are either 1, 1/0 or 2/0 cable and up to 40' long for big jobs and high amperage. More >>
Plug to plug Plug-Ins Plug To Plug
Heavy-duty, parallel bonded (except 1/0) cables with a fine stranded copper conductor. SB® plugs on both ends. More >>
Clamp to plug Plug-Ins Clamp To Plug
Heavy-duty, parallel bonded (except 1/0) cables with a fine stranded copper conductor. An SB plug on one end and mechanic's style clamps on the other. More >>
plug to lug jumper cable Plug-Ins Plug to Lug
Heavy-duty, parallel bonded (except 1/0) cables with a fine stranded copper conductor. A plug on one end and lugs on the other. More >>



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