Clamps & Lugs Quick Cable Lug Connectors

MagnaLug®, MagnaLug Fusion® , MAX™ Lugs

Lugs allow cables to connect to batteries with screw-down posts, bus bars, and all sorts of power distribution applications. Quick® MagnaLugs are the first choice for trucks, buses, farm and construction equipment and standby power and industrial applications. MagnaLugs feature a wider footprint and thicker walls than conventional lugs and are listed by UL/CUL when applied with Quick HexCrimp™ tools. They come in straight, bent, elbow and dual cable configuration in both conventional crimp and Fusion solder styles. Our MAX copper lugs are 100% copper tubing, can be crimped or soldered, and provide a quality alternative at a lower price point.

Image Doesn't Exist MagnaLugs
MagnaLugs are the top-of-the-line choice for copper tubing lugs for heavy duty truck, bus, construction farm, and industrial equipment applications. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Fusion Solder MagnaLugs
Fusion MagnaLugs offer all the performance, and the convenience and protection of our Fusion preloaded solder connectors. It's all ready to go--just add heat. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist MAX Lugs
100% copper tube construction lugs can be crimped or soldered and offer superior performance to conventional lugs. More >>
     Image Doesn't Exist Quick Connector Lugs
These cast copper lugs are perfect for heavy duty usage. The different choices can be stacked, locked, crimped, and/or soldered. More >> 
     Image Doesn't Exist Fusion Solder Quick Lugs
With the flux and  solder built right in, all you have to do is add heat for a strong, vibration and corrosion resistant joint that's up to 70% stronger than a crimp connection. More >> 
 Image Doesn't Exist Heavy Walled Lugs
All the benefits of the cast copper Quick connectors without the need for a crimping tool. Heavy wall copper lugs sized from 6 to 4/0 gauge and in 3/8" (10mm) and 1/2" (13mm) stud hole sizes. More >> 


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