Clamps & Lugs Quick® Crimp

The Only Battery Connectors That Exceed SAE Standards, are UL/CSA Listed AND Made in North America.

These precision die cast connectors are made with a special copper alloy, and tin plated for added conductivity and corrosion resistance. Permanent, indelible, readable gauge and polarity are stamped on each clamp. Quick Connectors are listed by UL (UL STD 486A) and CUL when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255M, 4255R, and 4255MR (standard and ratchet versions). Kits are available. 

Image Doesn't Exist Quick Straight Crimp Connector
The world's most popular battery connector, available in positive and negative sizes and universal fit. We make them in our factories in North America using 100% cast copper alloy plated with bright tin for added conductivity and corrosion resistance. Sizes from 8 gauge to 250MCM. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Quick Right/Left Elbow Connector
Elbow connectors make it easier to work in some installations where space is at a premium. We make them in positive and negative sizes from 6 gauge to 250MCM so you can get the right connector for your application. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Quick Flag Connector
Using flag connectors you can connect multiple batteries to the same cable run so you save on cable and space requirements. Our Quick flag connectors are sized for polarity and offered in gauges from 2 to 250MCM. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Quick Add-On Connector
Using a Quick add-on connector makes connecting direct-wired accessories to batteries safe and secure. The 3/8" stud gives you the perfect option for professional installations of accessories like winches, pumps and off road lighting. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Quick Connectors With Accessory Take Off
Another option for adding accessory connections at the battery is using our Quick flag connector, which has been pre-drilled and tapped, and supplied with an accessory connecting screw. More >>

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