Starter/Ground LugsStarter/Ground MagnaLugs

  • Made of 100% copper, tin plated for added conductivity and to resist corrosion
  • Heavy wall copper lugs 80% heavier wall than standard lugs
  • Wider pad for better electrical contact, thicker pad for greater strength and conductivity
  • Elbows and bent lugs are designed to reduce cable stress in confined space
  • Excellent for commercial and industrial applications
  • Exceeds SAE conductivity standards J163 and J1811
  • Conforms to TMC Recommended Practice RO104A, American Trucking Association, for closed eyelet terminals with anti-rotation feature (6200 and 6500 series)
  • MagnaLugs™ are listed by UL/CUL (UL STD 486A), when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255R, 4255MR and 4255M
  • Use a crimp tool such as our Quick Crimp; for solid dependable crimps
  • Flameless installation, safe for shop or field repair


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Gauge 1/4" (6mm) 5/16" (8mm) 3/8" (10mm) 1/2" (13mm)
8 6408D 6408E 6408F 6408H
6 6406D 6406E 6406F 6406H
4 6404D 6404E 6404F 6404H
2 & 1 6401D 6401E 6401F 6401H
1/0 6410D 6410E 6410F 6410H
2/0 6420D 6420E 6420F 6420H
3/0 6430D 6430E 6430F 6430H
4/0 6440D 6440E 6440F 6440H
Solder Straight Solder Straight Solder Straight Solder Straight Click to enlarge.

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