Inverters and Isolators

Inverters and Isolators Inverters and Isolators

    Inverters are more popular than ever as more and more people want to take their electric tools and electronic toys with them wherever they go. Quick Cable inverters come in various power outputs to suit your demand, and we even have a pure sine wave inverter for electronics. Using more power usually means more batteries, and Quick Cable isolators keep your starting batteries separate from your accessory batteries so you aren't stranded with multiple dead batteries--and you can charge them all at once. Our inverters and isolators come with a low battery alarm and reverse polarity protection, provide overload protection, and output short circuit protection.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Quick Cable Modified Sine Wave is offered in 7 models covering 150 Watt to 2500 Watt power, converting 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC in retail clams with one to two output general use. More >>
Inverter Install Kits Inverter Installation Kits
Depending on your application you can choose from four different installation kits for your Quick Cable inverter, including universal, 1000W, 1500W, and 2500W kits. Kits come complete with cables, fuses, connectors, grommets, and instructions. More >>
Magnalug Connector MagnaLug Inverter Connectors
The right connectors for 2 and 4 gauge wire running to inverters with screw tab mounting holes. Crimp or solder. Relief on the tab keeps the connection secure once the screw is tightened down. More >>
Isolators Isolators
Quick Cable Isolators do just that, Isolate your batteries keeping one dedicated to starting your engine and the other to power accessories, it also allows you to charge both batteries independent of each other. More >>
Isolator Install Kits Isolator Installation Kit
The Quick Cable isolator installation kits includes wire, connectors, and a circuit breaker to allow installation in most RV's, boats, and similar applications. More >>