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Professionals choose Quick Cable Rescue® brand portable power packs and booster cables because they work--we start with quality engineering and materials and we deliver products that won't let you down when you need them most. Whether you're a daily driver, a tow truck operator, or you want to have a back up emergency starter for employees and visitors at your business, Rescue portable power packs have the track record for dependability and performance.   

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Extended-Duty Wheeled Models Extended-Duty Wheeled Models 
Our heavy-duty wheeled models are able to handle large diesel equipment, buses, tractors and more. The Rescue 4000 series is perfect for the fleet and automotive dealer. The New 4000HD series upgrades the cable size and clamps of the 4000. The 5000-6000 series models offer even more power. More >>
commercial jump pack Heavy-Duty/Commercial 
Our Rescue 1800 portable power pack was built for tow trucks and rescue vehicles. Our 2100 dual battery model delivers both 12 and 24V power with polarity and voltage protection. The 1220 and 2420 variations work in aviation. Our 3000 model is unique--add the U1 battery you need for either deep cycling or power starting. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Automotive/Powersports 
Our Rescue brand automotive portable power packs lead off with the 900 model--a basic, reliable unit that just plain works. The 910 lets you choose your own battery. Our 950 model adds an air compressor so you can inflate tires and toys - it is perfect for getaways and ATV excursions into the desert. More >>
LiFeP04 Portable Power Pack
The Rescue® LiFePO4 portable power pack uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which has a flat voltage discharge curve and is one of the safest Li-Ion batteries on the market. LiFePO4 batteries tend to be slightly lower in voltage but are more tolerant in maintaining heavy current loads, over long periods of time. A microprocessor board controls multiple protection features including overload, reverse polarity, short circuit, overheat, backfeed/backward current, over-charge/discharge, low voltage and low temperature protections. The clamps and 8GA tin-plated cables are manufactured of heavy copper-clad steel allowing for heavier current flow through both jaws. More >>
Accessories Accessories
Quick Cable ECM/ECU/PCM Memory Saver Cables come in Pre OBD II and OBD II. You no longer have to worry about loosing ECM memory when your vehicle's battery is disconnected. Our in-cab charging cord lets you charge your battery pack from your vehicle's accessory plug. Our steel Rescue cart is perfect for transporting all or our Rescue Portable Power Packs except models 900 and 910. More >>

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