Digital, Analog Testers

Digital, Analog Testers Battery Testers & Related Accessories

Quick Cable battery testers offer a wide range of choices depending on your shop's needs. From simple resistance testers to a variable load carbon pile analyzer, our product line allows you to test and evaluate all automotive and recreational batteries. Models include both digital and analog displays. Related accessories include a multi-charging bus bar to allow charging up to 8 batteries at once, cup jumpers, and ECM/ECU/PCM memory savers that allow you to plug a jump pack into a cigarette power outlet or the OBD II connector to maintain computer settings when vehicle batteries are removed.  

Automotive Battery Tester Automotive Battery Tester
SLA Powerport Tester SLA Powerport Tester
System Tester System Tester
Printer and other testing options Battery Tester Printer
Digital Battery Tester 12V Digital Battery Resistance Tester
Analog Battery Load Tester Analog Battery Load Tester
Analog Battery Load Analyzer Analog Battery Load Analyzer
Digital Volt Meter Digital Volt Meter


Solar Battery Chargers
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