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Customer Service
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Booster Clamps

Booster Clamps Booster Clamps

Whether you are replacing clamps on an existing set of booster cables or you're making up a custom set, Quick Cable booster clamps offer you the choices best suited to your needs.  Starting with the essential alligator clamp (200 amp), our clamp line includes mechanic's style clamps (up to 500 amp), both coated and uncoated parrot clamps (500 amp) and 900 amp solid copper parrot clamps.  

Alligator booster clamps Alligator
Standard booster cable 200 amp copper clamp. Perfect for clamp replacement or creating your own custom cable. 100% copper jaw inserts. More >>
Mechanic booster clamps Mechanic
Higher grade, professional, 400 or 500 amp clamps. Steel clamps with 100% copper jaw inserts. More >>
Parrot booster clamps Parrot
Heavy duty 500 amp clamps with vinyl handles for greater comfort. Steel clamps with 100% copper jaw inserts. More >>
Coated parrot booster clamps Coated Parrot
Heavy duty, 500 amp clamps, coated for comfort and to help avoid accidental short circuits and protect against the elements. Steel clamps with 100% copper jaw inserts. More >>
900 Amp solid copper 900 Amp Solid Copper
Solid copper 900 amp clamps, perfect for heavy duty applications.  More >>
1000 Amp Solid Brass Booster Clamps 1000 Amp Solid Brass Booster Clamps
The 1000 Amp Booster Clamps are used for service, construction, utility vehicles, RV, light duty tractors, buses and heavy duty battery chargers.  More >>
Surge protectors Surge Protectors
Protect against electrical surges with this heavy duty usage surge protector, which includes an indicator light so you know whether or not you are protected. Connects without having to remove the battery. Comes in 12V and 24V. More >>

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