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Ultimate Lithium Jump Pack Family

Consistently delivers the optimal battery charge for all lead acid type batteries including SLA, AGM, gel cell and standard/deep cycle. Includes multiple programmable modes, you can trust that your battery is more than well maintained - it’s charged.


  • Safe, easy, and works with all lead acid batteries
  • Programmable charge modes
  • Repairs discharged batteries


  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • In-line fuse on cable assemblies
  • Over-charge protection
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  • Safe to use with all lead acid battery types; including SLA, AGM, gell cell, deep cycle
  • iQ2 charges all 12 volt lead acid batteries
  • iQ4 tests, charges and repairs all 6 and 12 volt batteries


  • Desulfates batteries adding up to 1 year of life

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ModelPart NumberOutputInputIP5 RatingCharge Process
iQ2 608001 2 Amps @ 12V DC 110V AC - Standard Wall Outlet Yes Digital 3 Stage
iQ4 608002 4 Amps @ 12V and 6V DC1 Amp @ 12V DC 110V AC - Standard Wall Outlet Yes Digital Microprocessor 9 Stage