Kits Kits

Quick Cable is proud to offer you a number of premade cable making kits, specially designed to include the right components for any specific application you may have. Our premade kits offer a large selection of parts, tools, etc. to handle a variety of applications immediately. Quick Cable kits include solderless terminals, kits to get you started fabricating cables, repairing cables and connections in the field, organizing your connectors and accessories and setting up service vehicles and bays. We have put a lot of thought into theses kits in an effort to provide everything you may need. And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, our KitFigurator lets you design the exact kit you need. Let our experience be your guide in getting started. 

Starter Terminal Basic Cable Making Kits
Our basic cable making kits get you up and running making your own custom battery cables. More >>
Field Repair Field Repair Kits
Field Repair kits include components you need to repair battery connectors on a variety of equipment. More >>
Connector Kits Connector Kits
Connector Kits are available to provide a range of crimp connectors, lugs, compression connectors, etc. They are the easy way to establish and replenish your inventory. More >>
Route Accessory Route Accessory
If you include service vehicles in your fleet, these kits allow you to inventory popular connectors for resale. More >>
Drawers and Racks Drawers and Racks
Trays and racks for organizing your inventory of connectors and accessories. More >>
 12 slot kit KitFigurator
Can’t find exactly what you are looking for to fit your cable making needs? Let us help you create a kit matching your specifications with this custom kit creator. More >>