DIN KitsDIN Connector Kits with Handles

  • DIN Connectors conform to specification DIN43589-1 except the cable barrel fits American Wire Gauge (AWG) cable instead of metric cable
  • Ideal for North American fast charging systems because DIN connectors have greater current carrying capacity compared with standard SB® connectors
  • In addition to two large round contacts, up to four auxiliary contacts can be used for battery monitoring and charger applications
  • Kits include connectors, housing, and auxiliaries (two 14/18 upper and two 14/18 lower auxiliaries)
  • Hexagon voltage key for 24, 365, 48, 72, 80, and 96 volt systems

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Gauge Amps Description Male Female
4 160 With handle 127514 127504
2 160 With handle and 4 auxiliary tips  127515 127505
1/0 160 With handle and 4 auxiliary tips  127516 127506
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