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Bolts for Side Terminal, Nuts for Post Terminal, Connectors & Adapters

So, you have a side terminal battery and your installation requires top posts. Or, you have a top post and need side terminals. Or, you have stud terminals and need posts. Or, your posts are too worn, or thin to work. Or, your cable is too thin. . . .

No matter what your dilemma, we have the answers. Terminal adapters, shims, bolts and nuts--they're all here and we can help you make the battery you have work in the situation you have.  


Top Post to Side Terminal Top Post to Side Terminal
You have a top post battery and need a side terminal? These polarity-specific adapters come with hardware and are reinforced with a steel insert. More >>
Top Post to Side Terminal Side Terminal to Post Conversion
These side terminal adapters fit the threads on a side terminal battery and allow you to use conventional post connectors. Polarity specific. More >>
Stud-To-Post Conversion Stud-To-Post Conversion
Convert threaded stud batteries to top post with these adapters. Choose 5/16" or 3/8". More >>
Battery Post Shims Battery Post Shims
Tighten up connections to worn battery posts with these shims. More >>
Adapter for JIS (Pencil Post) Adapter for JIS (Pencil Post)
Adapt your pencil post battery so SAE clamps will work securely. More >>
Adapter for JIS (Pencil Post) SAE to Pencil Post Conversion
Convert you SAEs to pencil posts. More >>
Specialty Terminal with Pole to Top Post Specialty Terminal with Pole to Top Post
Convert your flag terminal to a top post. More >>
Adapter Bushings Adapter Bushings
Your cable is too small to crimp the terminal you have? adapter bushings allow you to crimp 2/0 terminals to 4, 2 and 1 gauge cable. More >>
Adapter Bolts and Nuts Adapter Bolts and Nuts
The easy way to connect accessories to your existing battery clamps. Precision machined from solid brass; includes zinc plated nut and washer. More >>
Cup Jumpers Formation Cable Cup Jumpers/Formation Cables
Connect and charge multiple batteries in a series. Lead ends are polarity specific. More >>