Booster Clamps Charging Clips

Quick Cable charging clips are the perfect accessory for custom OEM projects and OEM repairs. Our jaw-type charger clips can grasp 3/4" terminal bolts, and are offered with and without vinyl boots. We also offer a heavy duty option.   
Heavy duty charging clips Heavy Duty Charging Clips
The color coded vinyl boots crimp ears and add comfort to the grip. Perfect for OEM repairs and custom-builds. Available in 50 and 75 amps. More >>
Jaw type charging clips Jaw type Charging Clips
Can grasp terminal bolts up to 3/4” wide. Comes in 10, 30, and 50 amps. More >>
Charging clips with vinyl boots Charging Clips w/Vinyl Boots
Jaw grasp with vinyl boots to protect the exposed metal.  More >>