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All solderless terminals are not created equal. That's why Quick Cable offers a variety of terminals to meet your performance expectations and to work in your environment. Our Gardian® terminals include a meltable sealant inside a heat shrink tube, so you can crimp, seal out moisture and get a dependable, long-lasting connection.  Our premium nylon connectors allow double crimp for extra pull-out strength and feature an extra copper sleeve inside for strength. Our PVC connectors are the industry standard and resist abrasion. Our nylon solderless provide additional options and we even have non-insulated terminals for those applications where insulation isn't required.  


Gardian Gardian
If you're looking for the best, most environmentally secure connectors, our Gardian connectors are the answer. Combining crimp with heat shrink and meltable sealant, you can't get a more resistant seal. More >>
Premium Nylon Premium Nylon
Our premium nylon connectors add a copper sleeve inside to add to the crimp strength, and the outer material helps keep moisture out. More >>
PVC terminals are the industry standard and Quick Cable has a wide selection for virtually all applications. Serrated barrels grip wires better; the PVC sleeve offers proven abrasion resistance. More >>
Nylon Nylon
Specialized heavy-duty applications call for our nylon solderless connectors. More >>
Non-Insulated Non-Insulated
Some applications don't require insulation, so we offer a variety of non-insulated terminals. Like the rest of our line, the barrels are serrated for best wire retention. More >>
Other Other
We offer a variety of other types of solderless connectors including specialty connectors and terminals, wire connectors and junction blocks. More >>
Solderless Terminal Kits Solderless Terminal Kits
We have premade kits in the Gardian, Premium Nylon, and PVC lines of solderless terminals. More >>

How to Select the Solderless Connector for Your Needs

 GardianDouble Crimp NylonNylonPVCNon-Insulated
Insulated Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Weather Proof Yes No No No No
Double Crimp No Yes No No No
Heavy Duty Yes Yes Yes No No
Most Expensive Yes No No No No
Tin Plated Copper Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best in Cold Weather Yes Yes Yes No No
Rigid Insulation No No No Yes No
Standard in Industry No No No Yes No
Single Crimp Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Best Abrasion Resistance No No No Yes No
Serrated Barrel (for greater wire retention) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes