Clamps & Lugs MagnaLug™ Connectors

    Made of 100% copper, tin plated for added conductivity and to resist corrosion, these heavy wall copper lugs are 80% heavier walled than standard lugs. Wider pad for better electrical contact, with thicker pad for greater strength and conductivity. Elbows and bent lugs are designed to reduce cable stress in confined space. Our MagnaLug connectors are excellent for commercial and industrial applications, and exceed. SAE conductivity standards J163 and J1811. MagnaLugs conform to TMC recommended practice RO104A, American Trucking Association, for closed eyelet terminals with anti-rotation feature (6200 and 6500 series). MagnaLugs are listed by UL/CUL (UL STD 486A), when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255R, 4255MR and 4255M. Use a crimp tool such as our HexCrimp for solid dependable crimpss Flameless installation. Safe for shop or field repair.

Starter / Ground Lugs Starter / Ground MagnaLugs
Starter and ground MagnaLugs in multiple gauge sizes and stud hole sizes. More >>
Bent MagnaLugs Bent MagnaLugs
MagnaLugs bent to 45° and 90° for easy installation in multiple areas. Available in multiple gauge sizes and with multiple hole sizes. More >>
Elbows Elbow MagnaLugs
MagnaLug Elbows with a 3/8" hole. Elbows are shaped left and right. More >>
Butt Splice MagnaLug Butt Splice
MagnaLug Butt Splices for joining or spicing two cables together. More >>
Locking Stackable Lugs Locking Stackable Lugs
Straight MagnaLugs formed specifically for stacking. More >>
Industrial Sight Hole Lugs Industrial Sight Hole MagnaLugs
Industrial MagnaLugs with a punched hole in the end. For Telecom, UPS, utilities, electric generators, etc. More >>
Round Sight Hole MagnaLugs
Round MagnaLugs with a punched hole in the end. More >>
NEMA 2 Hole Lugs NEMA 2 Hole MagnaLugs
Square pad NEMA 2 hole MagnaLugs. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Retro Fit Dual Cable
Replacement terminal for threaded stud and side terminal applications with dual cable connections. Tin plated. More >> 
Image Doesn't Exist Retro Fit Terminal
Copper connector with heavy-duty walls designed to replace cable terminals for threaded stud and side terminal applications. Recessed for better bolt retention. More >> 

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