DC Power Connection Products

Get the power you paid for. PV solar installations harness energy from the sun but to get the full potential out of the balance of systems, it's imperative to use the right cables, connectors and maintenance products. The average solar panel delivers 12W per square foot. To capture all the available potential, quality cable and connectors are required. Sizing cable from the combiner box to batteries or to your power distribution system is critical to line loss. Our cables run to 4/0 so no matter how long your run, you can get your maximum voltage.

Quick Cable Knows DC Power

We've been connectoring DC power systems for more than 65 years and have the product selection in cables, connectors and accessories to optimize your grid-tied or off-grid installation.
Not using the proper connectors and cable can drastically reduce your net energy and savings. Quick Cable has all the products you'll need to maximize your investment.

     • Straight clamp battery connectors
     • Copper lugs
     • Stud terminal lugs
     • Fusion straight clamps
     • Fusion magnalugs
     • Magnalugs
     • Magnalugs Kits

     • Battery and welding cable
     • Jumpers
     • Braided Ground Strap

Cable Management
     • Cable ties
     • Tape
     • Clamps
     • Loom & wrap
     • Heat shrink
     • Terminal protectors
     • HexCrimp tools
     • Cutters
     • QuickStrip Pro
     • Battery tools
     • Heat guns

Battery Storage
     • Racks and cable kits
     • Enclosures 
     • Containment and trays
     • Rack containment
     • Battery cleaners
     • Corrosion preventers
     • Spill kits