Clamps & Lugs Connectors

Quick Cable is your source for the widest selection of styles and types of battery connectors. We manufacture our product using cast copper and premium copper tubing to insure the products you receive are premium quality, precision made, and the most reliable connectors you can buy.

We offer battery connectors that can be crimped, soldered, or compression-fit. Our Fusion® brand solder connectors come preloaded with flux and solder—just add heat.

Clamp-style, marine and OEM replacement battery connectors are also available from Quick Cable. In addition to standard battery terminals, we offer solderless, Weather Pack terminals, conversion adapters, and general miscellaneous connectors.

Image Doesn't Exist Battery Clamp
What makes a professional line of products? Selection. More options to solve more problems and adapt to more situations--that's why people depend on Quick Cable. We have more than 110 different battery clamps in our product line. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Lugs
Our cast copper Quick®  lugs, MagnaLugs™ and MAX™ Lugs offer a range of choices for automotive, commercial, industrial, heavy-duty bus, truck and equipment and similar applications. Installation options include crimping, soldering or Fusion solder versions. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Solderless
For the ultimate solderless terminals, choose Quick Gardian®  terminals with heat shrink tubing and sealant built in. We also offer premium nylon connectors, standard nylon, and PVC connectors based on price/performance requirements, and a selection of non-insulted terminals. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Lead Free Solder Heat Shrink Terminals
Butt connectors using lead free solder. Available as both a solder/shrink and a crimp/solder/shrink butt connector. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Conversion adapters
Side terminal to top terminal, top terminal to side terminal, standard terminal to marine terminals--you get the idea. If you need to adapt a connection, come to Quick Cable and find the help you're looking for. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Weather Pack
Weather Pack terminals are exact OEM replacement connectors found under hoods and in areas where the environment can be unfriendly--wet, hot, dirty and all of those combined. More >>
Fastener Hardware for Battery Applications  Battery Connector Hardware
Batter connector hardware includes adapters, shims, bushings and all the other things that go along with connectors. More >>

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