Heat Guns

Heat Guns Heat Guns

The QuickHeat 1 and 2 heat guns are the right choice for installing heat shrink tubing without the risk of open flame. Both units include heat deflectors that capture the heat behind the tubing to make it easier to evenly shrink the material. QuickHeat 1 is a commercial grade product with adjustable heat output from 250 to 1100°F and QuickHeat 2 is industrial grade with replaceable brushes and heat element. Quick Cable also offers a flameless butane powered heat gun for smaller terminals like our Gardian solderless products, and a butane jet flame torch which can be used with our Fusion connectors.  

Quick heat 1 and 2 QuickHeat 1 & 2
Deflector Deflectors
Flameless heat gun Flameless Heat Gun
Butane torch Butane Torch
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