Portable Eyewash StationPortable Eyewash Station

  • Portable emergency eyewash provides a steady water flow and first aid relief virtually anywhere
  • No plumbing required, 9 gallon capacity
  • Meets OSHA & ANSI 2358.1 standard requirements for a full 15 minute capacity of flushing time eye wash station
  • Constructed of FDA high-density polyethylene material
  • Wide fill cap for easy filling, cleaning and inspecting
  • Anti-bacterial additive for use in eyewash station protects water for up to six months
  • Anti-bacterial additive is available in individual 8 oz. bottle or four bottles per carton
  • Eyewash is activated by pulling down lever, which protects outlet nozzle when not in use
  • Hangs on (supplied) bracket that easily bolts to wall
  • Manufactured in the USA

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Description Part No.
Eye Wash Station 510500
Anti-Bacterial Refill 510501
Portable Eyewash Station Portable Eyewash Station Portable Eyewash Station Portable Eyewash Station Click to enlarge.