Pallet Strapping KitPallet Strapping Kit

  • Corded polyester strap is stronger and lighter than steel
  • Strap is acid resistant, non-conductive, noncorrosive, and weatherproof
  • Safer than steel, no snap back, no sharp edges, and easier to dispose of
  • Fast and simple – one tool tensions and cuts
  • Two strapping kits, both include strapping, steel buckles, dispenser, and strap tensioning tool
  • Cost effective, re-order strap, and buckles as you need them
  • Printed strap serves as a security tape and cannot be cut and repackaged by a transport company

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Part No. Component Description 420590 Dispenser Box Kit
420582 Strap Buckles 2000 lbs. Capacity 200 Each
420583 Strap Poly 700'
Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Pallet Strapping Kit Click to enlarge.