CrimpersQuick® Crimpers

  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Application data listed on tool
  • Adjustable rotating dies always in tool

Quick® Crimp 250 Pro & Quick Crimp 250

  • Crimps 8 thru 4/0 gauge cable
  • Handheld and bench-mount models
  • Bench-mount also attaches to wall, service truck, etc.
  • All Quick bench crimpers now feature Reactive Load (RL) Technology, reducing crimp effort by 30%
  • Made in the U.S.A. 







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Style HexCrimp ProQuick Crimp 250 Pro
Length 34"
Quick Crimp 250
Length 26"
Handheld 4258 4255
Bench Mount   4255M
Handheld w/Ratchet   4255R
Bench-Mount w/ Ratchet   4255MR
Replacement Die Kit 4255D 4255D
Maintenance Kit 4255K 4255K
Crimpers Crimpers Crimpers Crimpers Click to enlarge

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