Clamps & Lugs Battery Connectors (See page 77)

Automotive, Heavy Duty, and OEM Style

Clamp style battery connectors work with a range of battery cable gauges, are available in both brass and lead, and lead versions are also available color coded for polarity with epoxy paint. OEM style replacement connectors are polarity specific and accommodate various cable sizes while maintaining an exact fit to the battery post.

Image Doesn't Exist Automotive Battery Connectors
Automotive and light truck battery connectors for battery cable 6 through 2/0 gauge. Brass, lead, or painted lead. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist Heavy Duty Battery Connectors
Heavy duty battery clamps designed for truck, bus, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. Use 1 through 4/0 gauge cable. Brass, lead, or painted lead. More >>
Image Doesn't Exist OEM Style Connectors
OEM Style replacement battery connectors that are ideal for recreational, light, and medium duty applications. Lead-free--made from tin plated copper alloy. Two sizes accommodate 8 to 1 gauge cable. Polarity specific. More >>
Lead-Free With Auxillary OEM Style With Auxiliary Take Off
Same as OEM Style replacement battery connectors above with post and wing nut for auxiliary connection. More >>