Solder Left Elbow ClampFusion Copper Die Cast Left Elbow Clamp

  • No learning curve - if you can use a torch, you can make a quality connection
  • Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Superior reliability for years of dependable service
  • Up to 70% stronger than crimp method
  • More consistent quality than any other solder method including traditional wire solder & solder slug
  • Especially good in presence of destructive vibration or corrosive chemicals
  • Faster, less confusing, and less costly than multi-component solder slug programs
  • Fasteners Included
  • Kits are available


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2 & 1 426301P 426301N
1/0 426310P 426310N
2/0 426320P 426320N
3/0 426330P 426330N
4/0 426340P 426340N
Solder Left Elbow Solder Left Elbow Solder Left Elbow Solder Left Elbow Click to enlarge.

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