Battery Containment and Recycling

Battery Containment and Recycling Battery Containment and Recycling (Leaker-Discontinued, Bags-See pg. 622)

Our revolutionary battery leaker box is designed to provide a safe, effective, economical method to pack and ship leaking lead acid batteries. Leaking batteries include batteries with cracked cases, or batteries missing vent caps. Engineered with 7 components to cushion and seal the battery, our box is a unique and necessary item for anyone shipping used batteries to recyclers. Battery disposal bags are excellent choices for temporary containment of damaged batteries.

Battery leaker box Battery Leaker Box
We've applied for the patent on this unique product. The most economical way to pack and ship damaged or leaking batteries to the recycler. Rigorously tested and certified. More >>
Battery disposal bag Battery Disposal Bag
Battery Disposal Bag designed for the temporary storage of leaking or damaged batteries. More >>

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