Acid Absorbers

Acid Absorbers Acid Absorbers

Whether you want premium Rescue acid spill absorber with color change capabilities, the new economical Rescue EZ-Zorber which absorbs and neutralizes, a mat with a non-leaking backing, or absorbent pillows, Quick Cable’s line of acid absorbers meets your needs. Quick Cable is the leader in safety with our color change acid absorber/neutralizer, both in our powder form and in pillows and socks. 

Acid Spill absorber and neutralizer Rescue Acid Spill Absorber and Neutralizer
Quick Cables acid absorber is specifically formulated to absorb and neutralize battery acid, with color change to show when acid is neutralized and safe for disposal. More >>
EZ-Zorber Bulk Acid Absorber EZ-Zorber Bulk Acid Absorber Including Neutralizer
Quick Cables EZ-Zorber is specifically formulated to absorb and neutralize battery acid. Its dry formula is economical and easy to use. More >>
Floor and counter mats Floor and Counter Mats
Our mats absorbs acid, won't leak through, are easy to clean and can be reused. More >>
Absorbent pillows and socks Absorbent Pillows and Socks
Absorbent Pillows and Socks use with containment system or standalone for acid capture and neutralization. More >>

Acid Absorber and Neutralizer

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