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Quick Cable chemical products help insure that clean batteries and clean battery connections aren't just for show. They're for "go," too. Clean means better electrical connections, less potential for parasitic draw, and longer performance and life. So Quick Cable makes it easy to keep batteries and connections clean and protected with a variety of spray cleaners, neutralizers, protective gaskets, and protectors/sealers. We also supply chemicals for work related to the battery business, like penetrating oil, glass cleaner, etc.

Aerosol cleaners Spray Battery Cleaners
Several different cleaning products offer you options for cleaning batteries, dissolving corrosion, spotting and neutralizing acid, etc. Aerosol and pump spray applications. More >>
Reconditioner paint Black Battery Reconditioner Paint
Renew your battery with our reconditioner paint. Used primarily in motive power applications to restore large commercial batteries, but works for anyone who wants a clean, fresh look. More >>
Red aerosol formula Original Red Aerosol Formula
We developed this corrosion preventer years ago and added red coloring so you'd know your terminals were protected. Still a popular choice for battery service techs. More >>
Quick cote QuickCote+ with Acid Neutralizer
QuickCote+ is a brush-on product that seals out corrosion and neutralizes residual acid. Prevents fasteners from seizing as well as protects electrical terminals. More >>
Stationary Battery Wipedown Stationary Battery Wipedown
Safe for use on stationary batteries, Stationary Battery Wipedown is safe to use on all battery plastics including stationary and UPS. More >>
Silicone sealant Clear Silicone Sealant
Clear silicone corrosion preventer seals out moisture and contamination. More >>
Protective and Cleaner Sprays Protective and Cleaner Sprays
Cleaner spray cleans and neutralizes acid while the protective spray protects against corrosion. More >>
Battery washers Battery Washers
Battery washers help seal around terminals and have the added benefit of absorbing applied protectant for extended corrosion prevention. More >>
Industrial Battery Cleaner Industrial Battery Cleaner
Quick Cable Industrial Battery Cleaner dissolves corrosion and neutralizes any acid. Color change formula indicates acid is present and when neutralized. More >>
Automotive Battery Cleaner Automotive Battery Cleaner
Find battery leaks quickly and neutralize the acid at the same time. Formula turns bright red when it contacts acid, and returns to light yellow when neutralized. More >>
Battery Wash Water Treatment Battery Wash Water Treatment
For industrial battery maintenance operations, treats battery wash water and neutralizes acid in wash stations. More >>
Pallet Pallets
Our 2500 pound acid containment pallet holds up to 18 gallons of battery acid/liquid, and our 8000 pound acid containment pallet holds up to 66 gallons of battery acid/liquid. Made of polyethylene to resist corrosion, moisture, and battery acid. More >>
Pallet strapping kits Pallet Strapping Kits
Corded polyester strap is safer than steel, acid resistant, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and weatherproof. More >>
Battery Disposable Bags Disposal Bags
Once leaking batteries are discovered and spills are contained, the batteries must be stored in protective containers before they are recycled. Plastic battery disposal bags help by providing temporary storage. Not for transport. More >>
Eyewash Station Eyewash Station
A key feature of any battery work area is an emergency eyewash station. Quick Cable provides a portable, self-contained station that meets OSHA and ANSI requirements for full 15-minute flushing. Refills sold separately. More >>
Chemical Safety Wear Chemical Safety Wear
Protect yourself and employees around battery acid with appropriate chemical safety wear from Quick Cable. Items include face shield, goggles, shoe covers, gloves, apron, and eyewash bottle. Available separately or as a kit. More >>
Disposable Gloves Disposable Gloves
Nitrile gloves resist acid, and come in four sizes. Come in boxes of 100. More >>

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