Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes Battery Boxes

We make battery boxes for people who use them. Sounds simple. We make them so they’re easy to mount, and give you options. We make them so the lids can be secured independently of the mounting system, so you don’t have to undo everything just to add some water or check a connection. We make them so they fit right and stand up to temperature extremes – we make battery boxes that work so well you don’t have to think about them.
What do battery boxes do?
• They contain and restrain batteries for safety, and to comply with regulations
• They protect cables and connections
• They contain acid leaks to protect your equipment and the environment
• They protect batteries from external damage

Standard battery box Standard
Our standard QuickBox line fits all batteries in the specific group sizes, including spiral cell and high performance models. With features like our QuickLock cover, mounting holes in the handles, and materials tested to perform in all conditions, these are the battery boxes of choice. More >>
6 volt battery box 6 Volt Series
Single and dual 6V battery boxes, primarily used in the RV industry. More >>
Commercial battery box Commercial
Our commercial battery box line is designed for heavy-duty marine, back-up and off-grid power supplies, construction and similar applications. Accommodates various configurations of 4D, 8D, GC2, L16 and similar batteries, end-to-end, side-by-side, etc. More >>


QuickBox Battery Boxes