Commercial Jump Packs

Commercial Heavy-Duty Commercial

The Rescue Heavy-Duty Commercial Power Pack line-up starts with our 1800 12-V dual battery model designed for the roadside service technician. Our model 2100 gives you the choice between 12V and 24V and adds smart voltage and smart polarity--the unit won't engage if you've selected the wrong voltage or the wrong polarity. Our 1220 Aviation pack is designed to jumpstart aircrafts and ground support vehicles. Our 2420 Aviation pack is fitted with a Cessna connector. Our model 3000 is unique--it allows you to add a U1 battery of your choice for either deep cycling or starting applications.  

Rescue 1220 Rescue 1220 
This 12V portable power pack has two 20 amp batteries, and is designed to allow for jumpstarting small aircrafts in addition to motor vehicles and equipment. More >>
Rescue 1800 Dual Rescue 1800
A workhorse found in more roadside service vehicles. Professional quality. More >>
Rescue 2000 Rescue 2100 
This 12/24V portable power pack features polarity and voltage protection--if you hook it up wrong or select the wrong settings, it won't work. A powerful, versatile workhorse. More >>
Rescue 3000 custom Rescue 3000 Custom 
Our model 3000 is unique because it allows you to choose the battery--and the capability--for your portable power pack based on your application. More >>


Jump Pack 3000