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Rescue brand portable power packs set the standard for the industry in power and reliability. Our 900 model is the go-to power pack for starting cars, motorcycles, powersport toys, lawn and garden equipment, and more. The 910 offers nearly the same features, except that it permits you to choose your own battery. One step up is our 950 that adds an air compressor, so you can not only start your equipment, if it's been sitting a while (like over the winter), you can pump up the tires and get going. All Rescue portable power packs feature 100% copper cables, a DC power source, self-contained battery charger, and battery status indicators. 


Rescue LiFePO4 Rescue LiFePO4

LiFePO4 batteries have a very flat voltage discharge curve and are one of the safest of the Li-Ion batteries and although they are slightly lower in voltage that LiCoO2 batteries, they are more tolerant to full charge conditions allowing them to be stressed less.

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Rescue 900 Rescue 900
Reliable power delivered wherever and whenever you need it. More >>
Rescue 950 Rescue 950
Starting and accessory power plus air compressor. More >>

Rescue® In-Cab Charger

Jump Pack 900

Rescue 910 Assembly

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