Strippers Cable Strippers

Quick Cable offers two basic types of cable strippers: a linear cable stripper designed to slit insulation from lengths of cable to expose the conductor and make it easier to recycle, and an end stripper designed to remove insulation prior to installing connectors, either crimp, solder, or compression.  

QuickStrip LS QuickStrip LS
This linear cable stripper is built for industrial use and can strip 1000’ (300m) of cable per hour. Handles most insulation types including cable lined with paper, jute, or foil. Three guides cover cable gauge ranges; blade is replaceable. More >>
quickstrip cable strippers QuickStrip Stripper
The easy way to strip cable for crimping, soldering or compression connectors. Spring loaded gripper and adjustable blade depth make it easy to strip cable from 10 to 4/0 gauge. More >>

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