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We are very particular about tools. So much so that we make HexCrimp Crimpers and QuickCutters in our own factory from our own designs developed in our own engineering department. Surprised? You shouldn't be. It's the level of detail that got us UL and CUL listings for crimped connections when using Quick crimp connectors and our HexCrimp tools together. Our performance is unmatched.

cable crimpers Cable Crimpers
HexCrimp tools set the industry standard for quality crimping. Our universal pneumatic bench mount tool serves high volume applications; our manual bench mount and HexCrimp hand tools feature easy-to-use dies and lots of power. And we still have the Brute hammer crimper. More >>
tools_cable-cutters.png Cable Cutters
Our QuickCutter 1 cuts up to 2/0 gauge cable and our QuickCutter 250 and 500 will handle cable up to 250MCM. We make our own cutters in our own factories to insure superior performance and durability. More >>
Strippers for Cable Strippers
We make strippers for two applications: removing insulation from lengths of cable to make it easier and more economical to recycle the copper, and to strip the insulation from the ends of cables to attach connectors. More >>
battery maintenance tools Battery Tools
We have a complete line of battery tools for testing, cleaning, filling, carrying and attaching and removing terminals to batteries of all types. More >>
primary wire tools Primary Wire Tools
Quick Cable is your best source for primary wire tools to cut, crimp and strip primary wire and attach solderless terminals. More >>
Digital and Analog Testers Battery Testers
Quick Cable battery testers offer a wide range of choices depending on your shop's needs. From simple resistance testers to a variable load carbon pile analyzer, our product line allows you to test and evaluate all automotive and recreational batteries. More >>
heat guns Heat Guns
Our QuickHeat guns deliver controlled output for professional installation of heat shrink tubing without open flames. Tube deflectors are included. We also offer butane powered flameless and torch style heat guns for heat shrink and soldering. More >>



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