SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Connectors

SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Connectors SBX® Connectors

SBX® connectors are color coded to allow differentiation between voltage capacities in electrical circuits that are frequently disconnected--for charging or service purposes. Similar to SB® connectors, SBX® allow for 2 auxiliary wires between the main cables. Quick Cable offers SBX® connectors as components and kits so you can order what you need. We also have accessories to aid in releasing connectors, to lock and secure connections and to protect the contacts when disconnected. Our exclusive SBX® safety boots provide strain relief and help keep out moisture and contamination.

SBX® Connectors is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc.

Image Doesn't Exist Housings
SBX® housings are available in four colors and in 175 and 350 amp ratings. More >>
SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Connectors Contacts
SBX® contacts are available in 175 and 350 amp ratings from 1/0 to 4/0 gauge. More >>
SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Connector Kit SBX® Connector Kits
SBX® kits include 1 housing, 2 contacts, 2 auxiliaries with securing pins, and two cable ties to hold it all together. More >>
SBX<span class='sup'>®</span> Connectors Accessories Accessories
Releases, safety lockouts, lock boxes, SBX® safety boots, and protective caps. More >>


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