Contacts SB® Contacts

When used with a crimp tool, SB® Crimp Contacts are a solid dependable contact. Made from solid copper, excellent for general commercial and industrial applications. Final assemblies meet UL and CSA specifications, when all components are made and crimped with a UL listed tool. 

Fusion® solder contacts come with pre-loaded flux and solder and are made from solid copper. Contacts are ready to use, just add heat. Excellent for use in high vibration environments or where corrosive chemicals are present. 
• Fast and convenient
• Pull out strength better than any crimp method 
• Patented by Quick Cable

SB® Connectors is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc.

SB<span class='sup'>®</span> connector contacts Original Crimp Style
SB<span class='sup'>®</span> Connector Contacts New Fusion Solder Style