Material Handling

Material Handling Material Handling

In the material handling business, Quick Cable is the company that turns down time into run time. We specialize in leadheads, leadhead cable, post molds and drills, intercell connectors, and bus bar terminals as well as SB® and SBX® connectors and components and all the accessories that go with them. Check out our exclusive SB® and SBX® safety boots.

leadheads Leadhead Cable
Quick Cable is your choice for rapid delivery and quality products for all five styles of leadheads: Standard (straight, offset, 2 and 3 hole), Universal, Cone & Thimble, Fast Charge, and Custom. Check out our new leadhead drill that makes the repair process a lot easier. More >>
sb connectors SB® Connectors
We have SB® connectors, housings, contacts, and accessories including our exclusive safety boots. More >>
material handling sbx SBX® Connectors
Quick Cable is your best source for SBX® connectors, housings, contacts, and accessories including our brand new line of SBX® safety boots. More >>
Powerpole<span class='sup'>®</span>s Powerpole®
We offer Powerpole® contacts, housings, and kits for custom solutions you assemble on site. UL and CSA. More >>
din kits DIN Kits
Our male and female DIN connector kits conform to DIN43589-1. Our cable barrel fits AWG wire for North American applications. DIN connectors have greater current capacity than SB® connectors of similar size. More >>
Cable Towers Cable Tower
With our cable tower, cables are no longer in the way. Simply slip the cable through the top, and pull it down when you need to use it. When you are done, just let it spring back into place. More >>