Cable Ties

Cable Ties Nylon Cable Ties

Quick Cable is your source for cable ties to solve any installation issue you can think of. We have miniature, standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty; cable ties with mounting holes, fluorescent cable ties, ties with metal tabs, low profile ties, and even acid resistant versions. We even have the tools you need to tighten and cut ties for easy installation.

Miniature and intermediate cable ties Miniature and Intermediate Cable Ties
Standard cable ties Standard Cable Ties
Heavy duty cable ties Heavy Duty Cable Ties
I.D. cable ties I.D. Cable Ties
Extra heavy duty cable ties Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Mounting hole cable ties Mounting Hole Cable Ties
Flourescent cable ties Fluorescent Cable Ties
Push mount cable ties Push Mount Cable Ties
Metal tab premium cable ties Metal Tab Premium Cable Ties
Low profile cable ties Low Profile Cable Ties
Releasable cable ties Releasable Cable Ties
Acid Resistant cable ties Acid Resistant Cable Ties
Cold Weather cable ties Cold Weather Cable Ties
Cable Tie Tools Cable Tie Tools and Cutter
Quick Cable is your best source for cable tie tools and cutters. More >>