Commercial/Industrial Commercial/Industrial

Commercial/Industrial Premade Cables

Our commercial and industrial cables offer you a variety of products including QuickLinks battery cables, Input/Output power cables, and even Ford Truck positive cables. The cables come in different gauge sizes and lengths, so you can find the size you need!

Industrial Pre-made Cable Commercial/Industrial
The commercial/industrial cables are engineered for commercial and industrial equipment. Ideal for 6 and 12 volt batteries, these cables come in different lengths which can be used either side-by-side or end-to-end. More >>
Premade Ford Cable Ford Truck Positive Cable
The Ford truck positive cable exceeds SAE standards, and fits Ford trucks with dual batteries. More >>
Premade commercial industrial cable Interchange Cable
Our interchange cables are great for creating series or parallel battery banks. These industrial quality cables are engineered for comercial equipment. More >>