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Wire and Cable Primary Wire

If you are looking for primary wire, Quick Cable is the place for you! We offer GPT general purpose, SXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene, and TEW wires. Our primary wires are all 100% copper for maximum conductivity, come in 100’ rolls, and all three varieties offer an array of colors to choose from. Whether you need a wire that is resistant to abrasion like our GPT general purpose and SXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene wires, good for harsh and hot environments like our SXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene wire, or one that works for either wet or dry applications like our TEW wire, we’ve got you covered. 

Primary Wire GPT GPT General Purpose Wire
Primary wire for general purpose—PVC insulation resists abrasion, fuel, oil, acid, and salt. The fine stranded copper conductor offers maximum conductivity and flexibility. More >>
Primary Wire SXL SXL Cross-Link Polyethylene Wire
Like the GPT wire, the SXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene offers the same resistance and fine stranded copper conductor, but is designed for harsh, hot environments. This wire is insulation rated -60Ëš F to +257Ëš F. More >>
Primary Wire TEW Wire
The TEW wire also offers fine stranded copper conductor for maximum conductivity and flexibility, and this wire can be used for either wet or dry applications. More >>
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