Long dormant periods interrupted by short bursts of intense activity—that’s the life story of recreational vehicles. Campers, motorhomes, ATV’s, snowmobiles all share the story, and when their owners bring them out to play, they want them to work. If their owners and service techs are using Quick Cable battery cables, connectors and accessories, chances for those bursts of activity are good. We have more battery boxes for more applications than anyone in the industry, and Quick Cable inverters, trailer wiring, battery isolators, cable management products and accessories are responsible for more people having more fun than you can imagine. Unless, of course, you’re an RV service tech. Then you know for sure.

Battery Boxes

Quick Cable is your most extensive resource for battery boxes for any application--from wheelchairs to tugboats, from bass boats to standby and renewable power systems.  More >>


Inverters are more popular than ever as more and more people want to take their electric tools and electronic toys with them wherever they go.   More >>

Trailer Wiring

Premade trailer cables in 2, 3 and 4 pole styles make trailer connections easy.  Quick Cable's complete trunk kit has everything you need to tap into vehicle wiring for 4-pole connection.  More >>

Cable Management

It's not just a matter of looking pretty.  Keeping wire and cable runs neat, contained and secure also means there's less opportunity for entanglement in moving parts, easier identification for service work and protection from environmental hazards.  More >>

Cable and Wire

Where else would you go but quickcable.com for wire and cable?  This is the place to find bulk, premade and custom wire and cable.  More >>