Nobody understands the cost of downtime any better than the folks responsible for construction and mining equipment. Never mind the cost of the machines themselves, every minute on the job is money. Ask the service people and they’ll tell you why Quick Cable is their choice for battery cables, connectors, wire, and tools to insure that equipment starts and runs when it is supposed to. Dirt, vibration, heat, cold, rain and snow—they’re all part of the equation, and Quick Cable has the right products for all the situations. Whether you’re talking about a million dollar drag line or a landscaping Bobcat, chances are, if it’s running, Quick Cable is there.

Jump pack (2000)

Our 2000 dual battery model delivers both 12 and 24V power with polarity and voltage protection.  More >>

Booster Cables

No matter what products you are looking for, Quick Cable stands for quality.  Our three major lines of booster cables are no exception.  More >>

Battery Chemicals

Quick Cable makes it easy to keep batteries and connections clean and protected with a variety of spray cleaners, neutralizers, protective gaskets, and protectors/sealers.  More >>

Battery Isolators

Quick Cable isolators keep your starting batteries separate from your accessory batteries so you aren't stranded with multiple dead batteries--and you can charge them all at once.  More >>

Field Repair Kits

These kits are designed to help you make efficient, high-quality field repairs on equipment ranging from lawn and garden up to heavy truck and construction.  Various kits allow you to select the components you need, with or without tools.  More >>